‘Hadokening’ is the New Best. Meme. Ever. [Gallery]

Now here’s an internet fad I can hang my hat on …

Ladies and germs, let me introduce you to the finest picture meme craze since “horsemanning”: “hadokening.”

Derived from the brilliant-in-its-time “Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition” (fuck “Street Fighter” and “Street Fighter 2: Non-Championship Edition”) “hadokening” is the fine art of making it appear that you have just blasted your cohorts with a fireball or launched a sonic boom ground attack a la “The Matrix Reloaded.”

Hmm, I think I’m making it more difficult than it should be … okay, here’s how it works: one person takes a picture, right? And then one person mimics throwing a fireball or something, got it? And then another person (or persons, depending on how many friends you have — and how powerful your “fireball” is, I suppose) reacts like they just got blasted by said fireball.

Tell you what: here is a gallery of people “hadokening”; you can figure it out for yourself (grumble, grumble … lousy pictures being worth a thousand lousy words …).

Most of the images are from spiderpigpig.tumblr, so be sure to show him/her/it some love.

And since you seem so interested in internet fads, here is one more to slake your thirst.     

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