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You raised over 200k for that tour on the Indiegogo campaign.

You want to talk about being kept awake at night. I think I’ve spent less money ever before than now that I have all that money right now ‘cause I’m like I can not do anything [sic]. Nobody move! That’s how I feel: nobody move!


You just look at your bank account, and you just take pictures of it while it’s still there?

I just sometimes just look at it, and I’m like, “Nobody move.” [laughs]

There is kind of this Kickstarter/Indiegogo curse where you go over your budget and then all of a sudden there are taxes and all of a sudden you can’t meet the production …

Your promises.

Your promises. Did you run into any problems with that, because you had 25 personal thank you videos you had to make, and you had to do a lot of phone calls — are you able to get those all out?

I’m literally doing them as we speak. I have over 10 — how many hours? We broke it all down by minute; it’s an absurd amount. It might be like 10 hundred something hours. My producer has it all written down, my producer/friend Pearl. It’s funny to say I have a producer now. I’ve always been so independent and now as like things are getting bigger I have a team, and that’s really exciting. But yeah, she broke it down. I’m allowed two minutes per doodle because I have about 600 dandy doodles to do. I’ve been doing them. I have to have 200 done by the end of the week — I’ve only done 70. It’s hard because I’m literally timing myself: two minutes per doodle, two minutes per doodle, and I spend like seven minutes for a doodle ‘cause I want it to be good, damn it, you know? I’ll let you know how it all works out [laughs].

How did you get the idea for the tour, and what made you want to crowd fund it?

Basically it is all crowdsourced actually, because we’re getting recommendations as we go, like where should we go. Basically ever since “My Drunk Kitchen” started, people were like, “I want you to do a tour across America. Come to my kitchen!” And I’ve always been an army of one, and so it was kind of like very unsafe for me to travel across America going to strangers’ kitchens, but then I spent a year in L.A. getting to know some really talented people, mainly one talented person, Pearl, and she convinced me that not only was it possible, but that I absolutely had to do it and that’s where the idea came from. So the idea again comes from my community of Hartosexuals; it was their idea, and now we’re just going to make it happen. I kind of feel like it’s our project that we’re making together.

I think probably my favorite thing that you’ve done was your campaign to get onto “Glee,” and you were running it pretty seriously.

You know what, it was a joke that I just didn’t stop making. A.) I haven’t even watched that much “Glee.” It was just, in my head, I had one interview with Time Magazine and I made a joke to her, I was like, “Well, you know me — I just want to be on ‘Glee.’” And she published that, and then it just became this running gag, so in every interview I did I was like “Well, you know me — I just want to be on ‘Glee,’” which was a joke that was taken very seriously [laughs].

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And now it’s become a real thing.

I’m not gonna be on “Glee.”

If they asked you to be on “Glee,” would you be on “Glee”?

I don’t know. I’m a little busy. I mean, yeah, of course. Duh! Sure!

With the tour and the Indiegogo, you also had a phone prize where you would call people.

Yep, I’ve got six. I don’t remember how many phone calls. Yeah, but next weekend is phone call weekend.

And so the description, which I found pretty funny, was just …

… anything you want on the phone.

Which is so funny, because it has like a weird, maybe salacious, connotation, but obviously that’s not the intention. What are you expecting from people? Do you think anyone’s going to be weird about it?

You know I’m a real people person. I like to talk to people, I like to learn about their lives. I think what they don’t understand is I’m calling them, and I’m basically going to be interviewing them. I’m like, “Tell me about yourself. Who are you, what do you?” like, “Oh yeah, tell me about your day. Tell me about relationship with your dad,” you know what I mean? All that stuff so they have to get ready for me [laughs]. I’m looking forward to it. It’s wild; it’s all one big social experiment case study.

Moving on, YouTube is like this incredible format for people to speak out and be completely open, but on a semi-anonymous platform, and from that has risen a lot of openly gay YouTubers like Michael Buckley, Kingsley, Qaadir, you have many very talented people —

Fucking homos, man, we’re everywhere.


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