Harlem Shakes on A Plane — FAA Investigates Airborne Meme [VIDEO]



I think the FAA hates this meme maybe more than I do …

The Federal Aviation Administration, a government group tasked with monitoring the safety of air travel has met a new cause for concern — the “Harlem Shake.”

Just when I think I am finally free of this goddamn nuisance, yet another “Harlem Shake” video comes down the pipeline — only this one might get somebody arrested. A group of Colorado College students travelling out to an ultimate frisbee tournament in San Diego decided to film their version of the “Harlem Shake” at 10,000 feet. It’s kind of like the Mile High club … for unhip people. Well, turns out the FAA takes this sort of thing very seriously. They are expected to determine later this week if more formal actions need to be taken against the participants and the flight crew who allowed it to happen.

Matt Zelin, the Colorado College sophomore who recorded the footage, spoke with his school newspaper, The Catalyst (ooh, daring name, you progressive free-thinkers), telling them that “obviously I hope that this whole situation is solved with the FAA. I don’t see there being any reason why this should cause any trouble. We asked the staff and they said it was safe.”

It’s kind of a whiny “Well, they said we could …” cop-out considering that the airline crew was cool enough to let them film a meme well past its prime. But then, nobody wants to go to airport jail, I guess.


The writer for “The Catalyst” did his homework though and got an outside opinion. Steve Cowell, a consultant with SRC Aviation, a University of California Flight Safety Program graduate, and former pilot with 28 years experience from Denver, said that once all the facts are in, there should be no issue on the FAA’s part.

“The FAA is charged with the serious matter of overseeing inflight safety. Although [the FAA] believe they have an obligation to investigate this inflight and somewhat spontaneous fun event, there is nothing from my observations and knowledge that would suggest a violation of an FAA regulation or that safety of the aircraft, crew or passengers were in jeopardy, as long as a member of the crew made the appropriate announcements after turning off the seatbelt sign.”

So likely nobody will be waterboarded over this whole affair. But still, how sweet would it have been to see an air marshal take out the guy in the banana suit?

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