Hey Vloggers! YouTube Capture App is Now iPad-Friendly

Stop the presses (a considerably easier process now that most of them are digitized): YouTube Capture is now available for iPad!
No longer will you be hamstrung by the tiny screen of your smartphone when filming YouTube-fresh content (legal says we must stipulate that you were never “hamstrung” by the earlier process). Now, you have a nice giant iPad (or less “giant” iPad mini) to work with.The app, which allows for color correcting, minor editing and the addition of music, is available through your normal app channels and allows you to connect the videos instantly with not only YouTube, but also Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So you can now achieve your pissant three views across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Also, the app works with high-Def (1080p recording), but considering that most things you do are on Wi-Fi, you’re going to be sitting awhile waiting for that upload to go through. Also, say goodbye to your data quota (unless you are one of the lucky bastards who grandfathered in that unlimited plan from back in the Jurassic period of smartphones).

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