Hilarious Anti-Plus-sized Women’s Fashion Tumblr Doesn’t Want Publicity — Too Late!

As the in-residence loud-mouthed fat person, I think it was just expected that I would cover this “plus-sized fashion” story. P*nis or not (I definitely have a p*nis, don’t let that rumor get started), as someone who has grown up being obese most of his life, I can definitely relate.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 12.46.35 PMSee, there’s this terrific Tumblr called “Wtfplus” in which a frank (and I do mean frank) fat lady (“fat” is our word now, we’re reclaiming it) dishes about the atrocious clothing made for overweight people. Well, Jezebel did a story about the site and then Today.com wanted to pick it up and run with it — a sort-of “look at the fat lady breaking the mold” piece (of course, pun intended). This from a “news site” that apparently encourages self-loathing in some people who do not look like the models featured in their articles. Here’s the thing though: The as-yet-to-be-identified blogger said “no thanks.” And she didn’t just say “no thanks,” she went on a full-scale (I can do this all day) rant about exactly why “no thanks,” after the Today.com writer, Julie Gordon apparently decided to go ahead with the piece. She even threatened to yank her Tumblr down — that’s how much “no thanks” (her tenacity seems to have its intended effect as I can’t find an article about it on Today.com).

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 12.45.29 PMThis is an unheard of event in the world of social media — a blogger who doesn’t want exposure, so of course now more media outlets are jumping on the bandwagon. Sweetheart, consider your ass covered (low-hanging fruit, not touching it).

I like this blog not only because I happen to agree with her on plus-sized fashion (which I do, but I feel like women sometimes have it easy in the sense that, with fashion, there is something of a sensitivity to overweight women’s feelings — us guys, every fucking t-shirt feels inclined to read “Big Dawg” or “Large & in Charge” or “My Tits Are Bigger Than Yours”), but because you can clearly tell she did not intend for the world to discover her little social media corner. In her comments, she references her kinky sex habits (yo girl, if I wasn’t married … hell, even if I am …), my favorite of which includes her describing a shirt that “resembles a set of butt plugs” she has (I’m tellin’ you, hit me up). She even provides a link to the butt plugs, which is bold as hell.

She’s adding on followers by the thousands now, so even if she didn’t want to be a new media celebrity in the “conversation on obesity,” she is one. We’ll watch and see what happens next (and yes, I too get food stains on the boob and belly area of my shirts, sister. Usually if someone points it out, I’ll splatter some more stains on it, because why the fuck not? Stay up).Wtfplus-tumblr-2