Hillary Clinton Champions Gay Marriage On Way to Presidency [VIDEO]

A big problem I have with politicians is that they frequently take five minutes to say something they can say in five seconds. Take Hillary Clinton — sure she’s working with a “tight little package,” and, therefore, can mostly do whatever she wants in my eyes, but she spends a whole lot of time talking around the issue, which is that she supports gay marriage.

This is the most boring thing I have watched since Al Gore said something or other about climate change in “An Inconvenient Truth.” We are a Twitter-centric people now; we need quick sound bites — hell, even the pop-nugget news of USA Today is more than we can bear. I like Hillary Clinton; I think she could make a good president. I like gay marriage; I get annoyed when people try to put the kibosh on it because of “Jesus.” So you’d think Hillary Clinton in favor of gay marriage in a YouTube video would be right up my alley? You’d be wrong.

Now, if she was maybe singing about gay marriage to the tune of a “We Will Rock You/Gangnam Style” mashup, then we’d maybe have something we could celebrate. Mazel Tov!

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