Hulu Plus Releases Redesigned App For The Apple TV


Hulu Plus redesigned its Apple TV interface “from the ground up” Tuesday by adding new content categories as well as an improved user experience.

In the Hulu blog, Dave Herman, the company’s senior product manager for home devices, said that the new Hulu Plus experience for Apple TV users will make it “easier to find your current season TV episodes” as well as new programming.

He wrote: “Right away, you’ll notice we’ve added content categories across the top navigation bar to make it easy to for you to jump to your chosen section – whether it is TV, Kids, Latino, Search, or something else. Inside each category, you’ll discover what’s new in our content library so it’s easy to discover new shows and keep up with the shows you already love.”

Once you’re finished choosing your show from the available categories, simply press “play” and the program automatically begins. If you want captions or other options, hold the “select” button until the subtitles and audio function appears on the screen.

Subscriptions for Hulu Plus cost $7.99, and the new Hulu Plus redesign is available if you have downloaded the latest Apple TV firmware update.

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