‘I Overheard Your Phone Conversation with Mike Last Night …’: Dad’s Letter to Gay Son Goes Viral


Chalk another one up for Lady Gaga-lovers everywhere. No, not just people with terrible taste in music – I’m talkin’ ‘bout the gays! Disclaimer: Not all gay people love Lady Gaga, and not everyone who loves Lady Gaga has terrible taste in music – they could also be deaf and/or be big fans of people who like to wear random things/dead animals found around apartment dumpsters.

Along with the news today that Ohio Senator Rob Portman – a knuckle-headed Republican who once campaigned for Mitt Romney’s presidency and was reportedly known amongst fellow senators to spin around in circles on the Senate floor while “whooping” – switched his stance on gay marriage after his son confessed to him that he was in fact a “little monster,” comes the Kidz Newz-y item that a heartwarming letter from a dad to his gay son has gone viral.

A photo of the handwritten letter was uploaded to the FCKH8 (When is a “STOP H8IN’ ON H8” campaign finally going to spring up to battle its NOH8-counterparts?) and has garnered nearly 55 thousand likes as of this writing.


In the letter, the dad writes:


I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class.

We are out, like you now.

I’ve known you were gay since you were six, I’ve loved you since you were born.

– Dad

While the authenticity of the letter could be reasonably put into question, shut the fuck up. It’s making hearts and minds everywhere feel good and media reports are pushing it as true, so just shut the fuck up. H8ters.


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