In Memoriam: 5 Enduring Hugo Chavez Moments From YouTube [VIDEOS]



The passing of Hugo Chavez today is a divisive mix of emotions for the entire world. Some mourn the passing of a fiery revolutionary from the Fidel Castro and Che Guevara ilk; others saw him as a despot sitting on oil and natural gas reserves while his people endured poverty.

The president of Venezuela, Chavez spoke openly and often about his disdain for the United States and our foreign policies, particularly during the time of George W. Bush’s presidency (Chavez was mostly positive about Obama however). Chavez, who assumed power and ruled for four terms (including surviving a nearly successful coup) was elected to the presidency of Venezuela after his own coup attempt fell short and he spent two years in prison. So let that be a lesson to you juvenile delinquents — you might just become the president of a South American country yet. Especially since there is now a job opening.

As he was a colorful and bold man who favored socialist policies and did not back down from opposition, his passing (from cancer at age 58) is certainly a blow to the world political landscape. As commenting on world leaders is only sort of our bag here at NMR, we have collected a nice selection of videos showcasing the man in his time. You can make up your own damn mind.

5. Hugo Chavez Damns the State of Israel



4. Hugo Chavez — Documentary of A Life



3. Hugo Chavez shits on President George W. Bush 1.0



2. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised — Documentary About A Coup Attempt on Chavez’s Regime



1. Hugo Chavez Calls George Bush “the Devil,” U.N. Applauds