‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer Gets A Shot-For-Shot Recreation [VIDEO]



YouTube channel Cinefix has come up with a clever little niche with which to make a little corner of the web their own: home-made movie trailers.

This week’s submission is the dazzling “Iron Man 3,” a normally tech-heavy, computer effects-laden visual romp complete with explosions and fanfare. Cinefix has done away with all of that though and concentrated on what is really important — cardboard, plastic missiles on sticks and lots of wire work. But guess what? I like this “stripped down” version way better.

There is something beautiful about the old-world style of filmmaking — back when Ray Harryhausen would manually manipulate his tiny metal-cast monsters in sword fights or into climbing the Empire State Building. There was something tangible about it all.  Now you just imagine that the actors are sitting in a fake jet cockpit in front of a green screen. Granted, there was never much magic in Hollywood anyhow, but now it all seems extra cheap.

I would love to see Cinefix make an original film utilizing their camp schlock methods. Of course if they actually made said film I would probably rip it to shreds and yearn for state-of-the-art filmmaking. I’m fussy like that.