JCPenny Employees Logged 5 Million YouTube-Viewing Hours on Company Time

JCP_bodyNow we have an answer for why that guy in the shoe department always takes so long to get me my boots from the back …

JCPenny’s (“JCP” if you’re “in the club”) has a big-ass YouTube problem. As in, their employees are apparently addicted to the site. An analysis released by the company shows that in January of last year, 4800 employees working in their Plano, Texas headquarters collectively spent over 5 million hours watching YouTube videos (so now we know who to blame for “Call Me Maybe”) on the job.

That’s a video every 10 minutes. If YouTube videos were cigarettes, that JCPenny crew would have died of lung cancer before I could get my Christmas lights down. Or at least had some seriously malformed babies. This actually scares me to find out how many YouTube video hours I have logged on the job?

Of course, don’t tell my bosses, but sometimes when I’m supposed to be watching YouTube videos, I’m actually folding and discounting shitty clothing. Isn’t it ironic?    

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