Joseph Gordon-Levitt Calls On All Online Artists For His New ‘Hit Record’ TV Show [VIDEO]



I think film star and, now, web impresario Joseph Gordon-Levitt has just dropped a “game changer” on us.

Via “Hit Record,” a website he started with his brother, JGL (if he didn’t want to be referenced by his initials, he should have had a shorter name), has put out the call for any and all online creative types to crawl out of the woodwork and do what they do best for the medium of television.

Called “Hit Record on TV” the show will be a half-hour variety show comprised from all the wingdings and random “stuff” that people upload to The show will be hosted by JGL himself, so don’t bother suggesting that I should host it (nepotism, I tell you), but the format will be strictly you. “We’re going to have short films, live performances, music, animation, conversations and more,” says the handsome actor via his YouTube post.

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-1Each episode will be a theme like “the road,” or “snow” or “why hot dog buns come in packs of eight while hot dogs come in packs of 10” (it could happen). And it doesn’t matter if you have some half-formed idea or song — just upload what you have because the idea here is collaboration. Say you’ve got a good hook for a song, but no lyrics or melody. Upload it. Someone else can worry about the words and other stuff, and if it makes it on the show, you all get paid. The same goes for drawings that can be turned into animations. It’s crowdsourced television like “America’s Funniest Home Videos” except fresher, more dynamic and with a whole bunch less Bob Saget.

So if you’ve got some half-completed concept lying around, go ahead and upload it. It might not reap you the untold millions you probably tell the other baristas at Starbucks that it is worth, but then again, it could lead to something that is worth millions. And besides, this is a better way to get on TV than getting busted on “Bait Car.”

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