Justin Bieber Retweets Teenage Fan, True Beliebers Threaten To Kill Her

I’ve always dreamt of the day when Justin Bieber would turn his heavenly gaze upon my undeserving Twitter account and bestow the greatest gift a teenage girl like myself could ever receive — an honest to goodness retweet. It would be the sweetest of ambrosias … that is until the death threats started rolling in.

You see, when Justin Bieber isn’t wishing he was dead because he totally had the worst birthday ever, he sometimes randomly grants the most glorious gifts of retweets upon fans.

15-year-old Courtney Barrasford thought herself quite lucky to be noticed by the pop prince after he retweeted a backhanded compliment she had sent out on Twitter.


However, because teenagers are apparently prone to emotional irrationality (weird, right?), several jealous fans began hurling threats at Bieber’s chosen one.

Fans soon started tweeting angry messages towards Barrasford writing “Jus tell her to die…” and “… HE NOTICES YOU BUT NOT THE GIRL WHO’S BEEN TRYIN FIVE LONG YEARS TO GET HIS ATTENTION!”


Barrasford told Metro, “They started saying I was pregnant with his child, and my child would be a prostitute.” Seems legit.

Barrasford’s mother also told the Metro, “It got out of control. These sites need more monitoring by those who run them.” So take note, Twitter — teens be acting crazy.

Well, I’ve learned a lesson today: If Justin Bieber offers to retweet me, unless I want to be threatened by teens, I should politely decline and offer my condolences about his truly horrific birthday party. I mean, does anyone have it worse than this kid?



Via Gawker

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