Justin Bieber Twitter Rant Shows Possible Signs of Incoming ‘Supermeltdown’

So Justin Bieber might just be coming down with the sort of mental illness that seems to inhabit so many of our pop culture celebrities — from Margot Kidder to Anne Heche to Martin Lawrence.Yesterday, he took to Twitter with a bizarrely generalized rant against the system — that system not only apparently being media types like me, but also foxy Olivia Wilde. Good … now Olivia and I can have something to talk about when I tie her up for our date (FBI, PLEASE NOTE — despite whatever Olivia Wilde says, our love is real and powerful and you government types can’t tear it down).Bieber, who has had a bad couple of weeks (tell me about it, I think Olivia Wilde changed the security code on her house) after getting turned away from a nightclub on his birthday (which led to him tweeting “Worst Birthday Ever”), also suffered the embarrassment of the vivacious Olivia Wilde tweeting that he should “put his shirt on” after photos of him running around frail and topless circulated the internet (she likes real guys, Justin … guys like — fingers crossed — me).The rant comes after a similar one he made on Monday after being lambasted by critics and fans for showing up “40 minutes late” (some sources allege that it was more like 2 hours) to a concert in London.I think the takeaway from Justin’s outburst (listed in its sweet babbling entirety below) is that only God can judge him, he doesn’t wear shirts when he gets sweaty, and we’re likely only a couple outbursts away from him going full “Britney.” God help us all indeed.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 8.29.21 AM
Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 8.28.50 AM

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