‘Justin Timberlake Does Things’ Tumblr Depicts The Awkward Life of JT


Justin Timberlake has done many a things in his life. He’s rocked the Mickey ears like a boss during his time as Mouseketeers, bewitched women with his white man fro during his days with N’Sync, shared with the world his musical masterpieces of “Dick in a Box” and “3-Way (The Golden Rule),” married Mary from “7th Heaven,” and is now bringing his sexy back to the stage with the “Legends of Summer Tour” featuring him and that guy married to Beyonce. He’s quite the guy in the world of entertainment.

And in lieu of you needing a special something to feast your eyes on for the rest of the day, the digital world has heard your cries for entertainment and given you the “Justin Timberlake Does Stuff” Tumblr. This scrapbook of Justin doing awkward activities with awkward captures is, how do I put it, internet gold. So keep bring sexy back JT, and I’ll keep enjoying the glory that is this Tumblr.

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