Kabooyow! Kapooyow! Lady Set To Be The Biggest Local News Meme of 2013

Has local news become a meme-generating machine? First came Alabaman Antoine Dodson’s retelling of how a would-be rapist broke into his family’s home, and then his warning to viewers to “hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife.” That news story became a breakout sensation on YouTube, and the Gregory Brothers’ auto-tuned remix of Dodson’s words that shortly followed became one of 2010’s catchiest tunes. More recently, Sweet Brown made YouTube audiences laugh when she told a news crew about how she escaped a fire without getting her belongings because, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Now local news has found their next YouTube star and — move over Sweet Brown — here’s Michelle Clark from Texas talking about the massive hailstorm that hit her town near Houston. What makes her story hilarious is how she described the storm in two words: “Kabooyow! Kapooyow!”

Stand by as the “Kabooyow! Kapooyow!” memes go viral.

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