‘Kissing Couple’ is Back With A St. Patty’s Day Scam [VIDEO]



The last time this boy and girl got together to kiss people at a college, the video scored 19 million views (Mistletoe), so it’s no surprise that they’ve teamed up to tag the denizens of that lip-friendly campus once again. This time though, it’s Irish.

Utilizing the kiss-themed holidays (curiously, Valentine’s Day wasn’t featured) this time the couple tackles St. Patrick’s Day. Holding up “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” signs, the boy and girl troll different parts of the quad, baiting strangers into laying a smooch on their lips.

Unsurprisingly, the girl is asked less questions (in the vein of “Are you serious?”), but the boy manages to hold his own, even pulling the ol’ turn your cheek at the last second to make the shyer girls inadvertently kiss you on the lips. This tactic, though smooth, can also backfire (especially if you look less like him and more like me) as one girl ends up slapping him and then exclaims, “I just got kiss-raped.” If it were me, she would have then had to find out how it was to get kiss-dumped-by-the-side-of-the-highway. But then, I have a few more demons than most.

I love when people find a video niche goldmine and can just rack in the shekels for it on YouTube. Maybe I can start one where I hold up a sign that reads “Show Me Your Boobs,” but do it in a non-scummy, non-pervy sort of way. Oh wait, there isn’t such a thing.