Lena Dunham Makes ‘Wes Anderson-Style’ YouTube Short to Promote Rachel Antonoff Clothing



Lena Dunham’s mind works like Wes Anderson’s, and I dig it.

In her free time(?), Lena Dunham, creator of the critically acclaimed “Girls,” and a few of her friends (the narrator of the short is, surprisingly, her “boyfriend” Adam on the show), decided to pump out an engagingly dry film to promote fashion designer Rachel Antonoff’s clothing (also, appropriately, very Wes Anderson). But this video is good, not great, so let’s have some perspective.

I like “Girls” and I like Lena Dunham, but I think maybe people are a little too in love with it all. There is this hype machine surrounding everything Dunham touches, and right now, that machine is set to “gushing.” I swear to God, someone the other day (no, not some schnook on the street) called her “the voice of our generation.” Dial it back, people. Let’s analyze some other generations’ voices: Kurt Cobain, JD Salinger and 1980s mall singer Tiffany. Does Lena Dunham really belong on that list yet? I thought not.

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