Viral Cat Video ‘LOL’ Trending Because Comment Thread is Overtaken By Trolls



A 17-second clip of a cat stalking another cat that is stalking a bird is trending hard at the moment, and while it is cute, much of the strength of the video has apparently become based on a vicious troll war being battled out in the comment thread.

While the original comments that have sparked off the flame war were ultimately removed, a litany of troll comments remain, each feeding off the stem from someone originally calling someone else a “faggot” (my international studies are a little rusty … I think this is a French word … pronounced fha-geaux if I’m not mistaken, and meaning “one who eats candy before dinner”). And now this poor user “Ananya Mehra,” who has only ever posted three videos, has the full attention of the Reddit community who are apparently chiming in with their own saucy brand of commentary.

If typical protocol is followed, the thread should likely end up with all negative comments deleted, several thousand late commenters asking what all the fuss was about and someone posting a meme of “Bad Luck Brian” with a comment like “About to kill bird as gift for owner …  ASSRAPED.”

Ahh Reddit, you are so mysterious these days.

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