LSU Football Team, Les Miles Release Nostalgic ‘Harlem Shake’ Video



Louisiana State’s football team and their head coach Les Miles apparently just caught word of “dat thar internet,” because lo and behold, they just uploaded their “Harlem Shake” video.

Normally I would knock the shit out of them for being ridiculously late on the ball, but here’s the thing: I like it. See, we’ve entered into the renaissance or “rebirth” period of the “Harlem Shake.”

The tragedy is people doing a thing after it is considered cool because they want to be associated with “the cool.” The Miami Heat for instance — they wanted to come off as “with it” but they released their own “Harlem Shake” video in “the dead zone” (the point after we’ve reached over-saturation).

LSU, on the other hand, who made the video at the behest of their culturally oblivious coach, Les Miles, were so far past “the dead zone” that there is nothing desperate about it. On the contrary, it is so uncool that it is anti-cool, which actually makes it kind of … cool.

“We had a blast doing it,” LSU senior wide receiver Kadron Boone said to “Some of the players talked about doing it, and Coach Miles mentioned it but we didn’t think he was serious. He told us to bring costumes Saturday and that’s when we thought he might be serious.”

Of course, now that there is a margin of hipness associated with it again, look for the Miami Heat to put out a new “Harlem Shake” video in a couple weeks.

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