Lucas Cruikshank, ‘Fred’ YouTube Creator & Nickelodeon Star, Needs Your Vote For the Kid’s Choice Awards

At 13-years-old, Lucas Cruikshank began making YouTube videos that followed the life of a fictional character named Fred Figglehorn, a 6-year-old boy with boundless energy, a high-pitched voice and anger management issues. The character was immediately popular, and in 2010, five years after he uploaded his first Fred video, Cruikshank starred in “Fred: The Movie.” His first TV series, “Fred: The Show,” began airing on Nickelodeon in 2012. Cruikshank now stars in the Nickelodeon science fiction comedy television show “Marvin Marvin.”

Cruikshank is currently in the running for the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for the Favorite TV Actor category and is looking to his YouTube fanbase to keep voting until the polls close tonight.


Cruikshank told NMR:

“I grew up watching the Kid’s Choice Awards, and I was such a big fan of it, so it’s weird that now I’m nominated for an award. I think it’s all just thanks to all the fans on YouTube and all of that and all the fans of the TV show who have made it possible, because honestly without my first huge group of fans I wouldn’t be anywhere ‘cause they like spread the word about Fred and all of that, so I’m just so thankful for them.”

Through his maniacal-yet-lovable character Fred, Cruikshank has been able to create a successful career for himself in both YouTube and the more traditional media world. While more opportunities to pursue television and movies are becoming available to him, Cruikshank remains loyal to theYouTube fans who have supported him from the beginning, and he plans to continue uploading videos to his Lucas YouTube channel, valuing the connection that it gives him with his fans.

Polls for the Kid’s Choice Awards end tonight, so continue voting for Cruikshank and your favorite stars here. Also, keep an eye out for NMR’s full feature interview with Lucas in two weeks’ time.

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