Magic of Rahat Imaginary Friend Prank is One for the Ages [VIDEO]



I desperately want to go out on a limb and say that Magic of Rahat is going to be the most successful YouTuber of them all. People just seem to respond to him and his personality, and as such, him and his hilarious “magic” pranks make his channel a must-stop destination on YouTube. Fuck it, I’m going out on that limb. MagicofRahat is the real Bill & Ted of the future. His wacky magic will change the way we live, the way we breathe and the way we fuck.

This video is so simple, and yet, it delights me to no end. I love that momentary lapse of logic in people, where they just absolutely buy the impossible. Like, it is simpler to believe in ghosts than it is to believe in someone having two pictures on their iPhone.

The fact that Rahat can find these people anywhere though (even in Hollywood — hell, of course in Hollywood) tells me that we are all stupider than we want to … wait … stupider? more stupid? stupidiest? Oh God, I’m one of them ….    

Read my interview with MagicofRahat here. Do it, do it, do!

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