Mashable House at SXSW Offers Meme Stars Grumpy Cat, Nyan & Scumbag Steve to Fans

The Mashable House is a veritable who’s who of online memes. Blake Boston of Scumbag Steve fame is there, along with Chris Torres, creator of Nyan Cat, as well as the infamous Grumpy Cat. Boston, Chris and Grumpy Cat are rapidly entering into the mainstream, as Ben Lashes, founder of A Weird Movie consulting firm, has been working with the likes of Nyan in getting plush toys into Toys “R” Us and Urban Outfitters. Lashes has been expanding his meme portfolio and is clearly dedicated to his clients, helping them create businesses from their internet stardom.

The main appeal of these memes is the massive buzz they’re capable of creating. A line formed around the block where the Mashable House is located, and even musician Andrew W.K. came by to pay homage and get a photo with Grumpy Cat and his meme contemporaries.

Tabatha Bundesen, owner of Grumpy Cat, took a few minutes to speak with us and shared how her cat rose to internet fame. Back in September of 2012, her brother posted a photo of Grumpy on Reddit where it quickly skyrocketed to the front page and sparked a debate on whether the cat’s distinct look was the result of a Photoshop job. Bundesen was quick to point out that the fame hasn’t changed things much for the cat. She’ll snap a few photos one day a week, but otherwise lives the normal life of any other well-loved family house cat.

Nyan Cat now has seven official apps in the Apple App Store. Chris took time out of his busy day meeting with Nyan fans to speak with us. The Nyan Cat creator expressed great excitement about the toys and the fact they were frequently sold out at Toys “R” Us and Urban Outfitters stores across the country.

Blake Boston (Scumbag Steve) is quite unlike his meme-sake. Incredibly nice and humble, Boston spoke — in an insanely thick Boston accent — about the joy his meme provides people. The fact that it makes people laugh and may make a bad day a bit more lighthearted is something he feels quite proud to be a part of. Blake is currently working on releasing a hat similar to his iconic cap. The cap should be released for sale in a few months.

A sign of these memes’ popularity, Ben, Chris and Blake will be featured in the documentary “Lil Bub & Friendz,” which will be coming out later this year.