‘Mean Mad Men’ Tumblr Combines ‘Mad Men’ Scenes With ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes — It’s So Fetch

The world changed the day “Mean Girls” was released: Suddenly pink was the new black, burn book pages littered the halls of high schools around America, and the phrase “Boo, you whore!” spread quicker than an untreated outbreak of herpes. And combine “Mean Girls” with Hollywood favorite “Mad Men”? It’s almost too much to handle.

“Mean Mad Men” combines our favorite “Mean Girls” quotes with scenes from the seriously sexy television show “Mad Men” for Tumblr perfection. Don Draper quoting Gretchen Wiener and Joan Harris using Regina George’s words for her snippy rant? It just feels so right. So to all the girls who both grab their boobs to see if there is a 30 percent chance it is already raining and get serious goosebumps when Don Draper seduces the camera with his eyes, this Tumblr is for you. Be inspired to start your weekend off right with a little Regina George sass and a whole lot of “Mad Men” swag.

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