Microsoft’s ViralSearch Project Identifies, Visually Traces Viral Content on Twitter

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How do you search for something that’s going to go viral? Search-engine giant Google has yet to figure out the answer.

However, rival Microsoft is one step closer to finding the most viral information on Twitter thanks to its ViralSearch project that it unveiled last week. The software giant is trying to compile information to potentially create an algorithm that determines which topics will go viral at any given moment.

ViralSearch scans millions of articles, videos, status updates and photos and determines a virality rating for the hottest topics of the moment based on how it’s shared on Twitter. ViralSearch identifies which users helped spread a certain story to their friends and determines the most influential users on a timeline that tracks how such a topic became viral.

While the general public won’t get to test out ViralSearch anytime soon, you can watch how this fascinating product works by checking out this demo below:

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