Mila Kunis Asked Out 3 Times By Noob BBC Interviewer [VIDEO]

Being an avid viewer of “Family Guy,” it’s always interesting hearing Mila Kunis speak — I can’t help but imagine Meg talking every time. Recently, Kunis did an interview with BBC Radio 1 Personality Chris Stark to promote her appearance in the new movie “Oz the Great and Powerful.”

If his body language wasn’t clear enough, Stark admits in the beginning that this was his first time doing a big interview. Kunis decides to help him through the process simply by being the awesome person she is. As the interview progresses, the man shows some big balls by casually asking her out three times during the interview: the first time is to a bar with his friends, the second to a football game, and the last to to his friend’s wedding.

This is hands down one of the funniest interviews you’ll see in a while. Kunis reveals some cool tidbits her history while also getting out some promotion for her hyped-up new movie. Check out the interview below.