Miley Cyrus Jumpstarts ‘Twerking’ Craze in Adorable ‘Unicorn Suit’ [VIDEO]



Okay, there seems to be a sharp division on whether this outfit is called a “unicorn suit” or a “frog suit,” but Miley took to her Twitter to claim she is rocking it “unicorn” style, so we’re going with that.

The craze is called “Twerking” and a cool video of Miley Cyrus doing it has gone worldwide viral. Twerking’s origins emerged out of Atlanta in 2005, when two women began the oft-cited “Twerk Team,” and began uploading videos to YouTube in 2009. Twerking is essentially a rhythmic moving of one’s hips and ass in a real freaky-deaky manner. Yeah, girl. Of course, purists will claim that twerking has eclipsed raw sexuality and transformed itself into “an energetic expression of artistic movement” but, well, come the fuck on. This is about as artistic as peeing with a boner.

For the curious, the song she is “twerking” to is “Wop” by J Dash, but the official anthem of “twerking” is “Donk” by Soulja Boy. You know, just in case you’re at a cocktail affair and the topic comes up….

Of course, the question is, now that a “white person” has done it, will it become the next Harlem Shake? (I know — I don’t like it either, but that is how the world apparently works these days).

The short answer is “no.” See, a global trend is like a great party. And like any great party, you need a “cooling off” period. People are still emotionally exhausted from all the “fun” we all had doing the “Harlem Shake.” And now that it’s over, we all feel a little silly for doing it. So it will be a little bit before the next global phenomenon (though I don’t think “twerking” would fit the bill anyhow). Of course, this “fad” is going to be popular for a moment and attract a serious amount of publicity, but a lot of that is pie-eyed naive types speculating on the “will it or won’t it” nature of the frenzy.

Sure, it is cute to see cute lil’ Miley Cyrus rocking out in a onesie — she’s even garnered Twitter appreciation from, Nelly and a few other music personalities, but in another week, this thing will be as memorable as “owling.”

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