Miners Lose Six-Figure Salaries Over The ‘Harlem Shake’ [VIDEO]


Caution: Dance Craze May Be Fatal To Your Livelihood.

15 miners in the remote Outback back region of Western Australia no longer have jobs today after a video of them doing the “Harlem Shake” deep in some gold mine surfaced on YouTube.

The miners, who worked for Barminco Mining, a deep digging outfit based in Africa and Australia, sacked the men for “failing to follow safety procedures” even though all men are wearing helmets in the video (per the “Harlem Shake Helmet Act” of 2013). While the company did not elaborate exactly how they felt the men were violating protocol, five of the men were, in fact, shirtless as a means of keeping the company’s name from appearing in the video.

Even more unsettling was the fact that several of the men who were fired did not even appear in the video, but were on hand watching. Apparently having the good taste to not participate in workplace team-building activities is its own punishment.

harlemminers-1A Facebook page that was set up to call for the workers’ reinstatement has been divisive so far — some commenters are supporting the miners, while others are commenting that they failed to follow safe mining procedures. I say they should be fired for participating in a trend well past its expiration date.

And before you get up in arms about “the man” busting down on “the little guy’s” good time, just know that all of these bastards were earning six-figure salaries. The “Harlem Shake” is a lower class declaration of rage against an unjust society — not some pop culture cocktail hour mating ritual for oversexed fancy lads. Just kidding, of course. The “Harlem Shake” is for sheeple everywhere. Baa.

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