Mom Jailed For Letting Toddler Take A Bong Hit in Dank YouTube Video



So here is a video of a woman letting her two-year-old take a bong rip.

The woman, 24-year-old Rachel Braaten of Centralia, Washington was arrested after she posted the video to YouTube last week, and has since been charged with giving a controlled substance to a minor and growing the reefer (40 plants … decent). Also some firearms were found in the house, so good luck ever getting a judge to let her have her kid back. Braaten told detectives “I guess it was a joke and stupid mistake that wasn’t really funny.” My “no shit” detector just exploded.

Now before everyone gets all bent out of shape and calls this lady a “bad mother,” lets consider the realities. 1. This happened in now pot-legal Washington. Everybody wanted the weed, nobody wanted to consider the children. I say this is society’s fault. 2. When children are teething, common sentiment is to rub whiskey on their gums. Is this really any different? I daresay it might be better because with weed the child won’t get angry and punch his wife when the Mariners lose.

Plus, with all that white smoke coming out of the bong, I guess we know who the new pope is ….

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