MysteryGuitarMan Asks for Fan Feedback on His Film Screenplay


In a blog post to his fans today, Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan released a draft screenplay for his short film “Blackout,” a period piece set in a wintry wilderness, for his fans to send feedback.

Penna was supposed to film “Blackout” at an earlier date but doesn’t expect “Blackout” to be produced until next year due to adverse conditions that made it difficult to create the film.

He wrote: “I was supposed to be producing ‘Blackout,’ one of these short films, this winter. However, weather conditions made it impossible since there were avalanches our shooting location 3 days before shooting.”

In the meantime, releasing the draft for “Blackout” to his fans gives him time to get feedback and write up an improved screenplay just in time for filming next year.

“Every time I make a video, I see a comment on something I could have improved about its production, which makes me a better director,” Penna said.

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