NASA Becomes The Most-Followed Government Twitter Account, Nominated For Second Shorty Award


Over the weekend, NASA’s official Twitter account became the most-followed government account on Twitter, surpassing the White House.

With the decline in traditional media coverage over the years, NASA decided to focus their promotional efforts through social media starting in 2008. In an interview last year, Deputy of Communications Bob Jacobs told NMR:

“What we discovered is that over the past few years the number of reporters actually dedicated to covering NASA news and sharing information were dropping considerably. At the same we had this explosion of this tech that allowed us to connect with a worldwide audience and get them engaged in what we are doing,”

In the last two years, NASA has promoted their agency mainly through social media initiatives. From heavily engaging with their audiences through Twitter and Facebook to inviting bloggers to their space centers for Tweetup events, there’s no question that NASA’s rapid growth in the social media sphere is no fluke.

NASA has also done a great job through YouTube in regards to appealing to a younger and “hip” demographic to harvest more interest in space exploration. Last year, they released a promotional video titled “We Are Explorers” featuring narration by Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime in the latest “Transformers” movie. They also collaborated with Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers to release a video on why he believes NASA is worth spending American tax dollars on.

Last year, NASA’s twitter account also won a Shorty Award for “Best Government Use Of Social Media.” They are nominated again this year and will be aiming to win it two years in the row.

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