National Geographic Celebrates 125 Years With ‘Found’ Tumblr Of Never-Before-Seen Photos


Break out the champagne, because National Geographic has just reached it’s Quasquicentennial anniversary! Damn, I feel so smart saying that.

In celebration of its 125 years as a publication, National Geographic just launched the Tumblr “Found” that will share never before seen photographs from the archives of the magazine. The online collection is giving viewers a look into the cultures and everyday lives of people all around the world from photos that were never published.

The reposting features of Tumblr will help curators quickly circulate these images to a large audience in the hopes of recovering more information about each photograph — many of which are missing original dates and locations. From a photo of a Connecticut firehouse in 1935 to a Highland cow bid in 1970, “Found” transports viewers to far-off times and places with the click of button. National Geographic has thus far uploaded 31 photos to the blog and are still updating daily with new ones. Visitors can also expect to see stories, videos and other artifacts mixed in as well according to the site’s “about” information. At the center of “Found” is the hope that these images of the world’s most grand and little moments will bring inspiration and wonder to all that visit it.


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