Netflix Finally Launches Facebook Integration For U.S. Users

Is there ever such as a thing as too much information? In this age of social media, people share just about everything from their favorite bands to what kind of toast they ate this morning.

Now, Netflix is the latest company that wants social media users to be share-happy. They just launched their integration with Facebook in the United States called Netflix Social. This means that Facebook users who subscribe to the streaming-video service can share with their friends the last movie or TV series marathon they watched and also post reviews.

While the feature has been rolled out in the many countries that Netflix serves, an archaic law that prohibited companies from sharing movie rental histories prevented the company from launching it in the United States until recently.

The new Facebook feature will let Netflix subscribers share their latest movies on a case-by-case basis so you won’t have to admit you’ve seen “Waterworld.”

To watch Netflix Social in action, check out the video above.

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