Netflix Tattoo Earns Genius Year of Free Netflix

I think people who get outraged or shake their heads over stories like this either A.) don’t understand the concept of a good story, or B.) aren’t human trash.Twitter user @TheRealMyron, or Myron Robertson (if you don’t habla Twitter handles), is apparently so dedicated to his Netflix account that he tattooed the Netflix logo on his tummy. He then tweeted a photo of the tat to Netflix and the company, and so impressed were they with his loyalty that they gave him a free year of membership. Holla!


Now, seemingly every other media company doing a story on this is calling Myron an idiot or saying he will regret it. Are you kidding me? That’s fucking hogwash from a bygone era, my fellow compadres. Gone are the days of the stupid tattoo (except on your face; face tattoos are crazy town). Tattoos are so common now that nobody is going to look at that in 20 years and think “What an idiot!” Especially because it will be faded down to an unreadable nasty greenish black color by then.

Now I may be a little biased because I have the word “TATTOO” tattooed across my back in giant Olde English, but nonetheless. This guy now has a hilarious story to tell, a year of free Netflix and an unobtrusive tattoo that no one will remember in a couple years.

You call him a lunatic. Well, “they” called Christopher Columbus a lunatic too, and “they” don’t get credit for “discovering America.” Lead on, Myron, I will follow you anywhere.