NMR’s 4 Essential Tips For Landing A Job In New Media

So you’re trying to get a job in new media. The traditional ways of applying for work don’t apply here. It’s not about applying for a job, sending in a resume and hoping you’ll get that phone call a few days later; it’s standing out in social media and knowing what the future holds for the dream company you’re working for. The new media space is still small, but it’s growing so much that you’ll need any advantage you can get if you want that job.

With the help of new media recruiter Tristan Couvares, here are NMR’s four tips to land a job in new media.

1. Make Your Web Presence Known


The resume is on the way out, and replacing it are your social media accounts. Tristan Couvares, a recruiter who specializes in new media jobs, says that having a LinkedIn account is essential. He recommends making your web presence known to your possible employers: “Make sure your Linkedin profile looks great, and have your best and brightest co-workers recommend your work. If you’re a technologist, have an outstanding github page.  If you’re a designer, have a great portfolio. Make your code publicly available if possible.”

2. Research The Company


Couvares elaborates that you should also understand who’s behind the company and its long term goals. Diligent research in the company’s history, its talents, its values and its accomplishments is key to getting the employer’s attention when hunting for that job. Employers want to know that you’ve done your research and you understand the company’s responsibilities and expectations should you be the person for the job. Knowing about the company is important, especially when you get that chance in the interview to ask detailed questions to the interviewer.

3. Sell Yourself


Having a good resume or web presence isn’t enough to get that new media job. You need to give employers good, detailed reasons why you’re the right candidate for the job, and just telling them that you have years of experience isn’t going to cut it. Some interesting points to remember when selling yourself includes what goals you’ve accomplished in your last job, how you’ve used social media to reach those goals and how your experience in your previous jobs are essential to this position. Couvares notes that you should “be able to concisely explain how you will help the organization towards its goal.”

4. The Startup World Is A Small World


If you’re transitioning into a job in the new media sector, chances are you or your employer may know the same people you know. Assume that whatever you did in your last job may be used in your favor or against you in the hiring process. Couvares explains: “Most people work for large and established companies, therefore no matter where you are in your career assume that your interviewer has spoken with someone for whom you’ve worked.  In most cases, by the end of a hiring cycle we’ve spoken with 10-15 former colleagues and co-workers of interviewees.”

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