NMR’s Guide To The Top 7 Funniest Women on YouTube

Today is International Women’s Day, and I know what you’re thinking: You’re checking our site hoping that NMR will write up a piece on the top 5 hottest women on YouTube to celebrate this momentous occasion. Actually, we’ve already written about it, so you can ogle that right here.

Now, let’s talk about comedy. We’ve covered a gamut of YouTube comedians on NMR, but who are the funniest female YouTube comedians out there? There are too many to consider. Some like to have a few drinks while cooking while others turn a 300-page iPhone bill into comedic gold. While we’d love to write up about the 100 best female comedians on YouTube, we’ve only got room for 7 in this article.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, check out NMR’s choices for the 5 funniest female comedians on YouTube.

Hannah Hart

There are two things I love doing besides writing articles for NMR — eating and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Now, I would never recommend anyone drink and cook at the same time, as accidents may happen, but NMR friend Hannah Hart does it in such a hilarious way that I forget how awful the food would probably turn out.

Grace Helbig

Witty and awkward at the same time, Grace Helbig gives YouTubers their much needed dose of laughter as the host of “Daily Grace,” where every weekday is a different theme. She’s either reviewing products while downing shots of Bailey’s on Wednesdays or torturing her viewers on Tuesday. No wonder her show killed it in this year’s Streamy Awards. She brought home the award for Best First-Person Series and the coveted Personality of the Year award.


When Pittsburgh native Justine Ezarik found out that AT&T gave her a package that contained a 300-page bill for her new iPhone, she used that opportunity to point out how ridiculous her bill was by posting a video of herself sifting through those pages. Six years later, Ezarik, better known as iJustine, is one of the quirkiest comedic vloggers on YouTube, vlogging her thoughts on the latest gadgets and commanding a legion of 1.4 million subscribers.

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