NRA Recruits YouTuber Colion Noir For Gun Campaign To Appeal To Minorities [VIDEO]

America has been divided in the ongoing gun control debate since the Sandy Hook shootings, and the National Rifle Association is now recruiting one of YouTube’s most prominent gun enthusiasts to encourage blacks to own firearms.

U.S. News & World Report reported that the NRA’s YouTube channel NRA News has hired YouTuber Colion Noir to contribute vlogs to their channel and make the case as to why blacks and minorities should not only own guns, but also assault weapons as a means of preventing more violence.

In the trailer promoting Noir’s upcoming vlogs featuring commentaries from his YouTube channel, he ties gun violence to cultural and historical issues and says: “It’s not a gun problem. It’s not even a violence problem. It’s a culture problem. It’s a poverty problem. It’s a history problem.”
He also says in this trailer that the only people responsibility for their own safety is themselves and that “cops can’t be there” to help prevent violence.

The NRA took notice of Noir after he made a passionate plea on YouTube a couple of months ago arguing that “the people who are in the best position to stop mass shooters are the people who are there” and that relaxed gun laws will prevent mass shootings from happening.

Noir’s presence will probably boost the NRA News channel as he has around 88,000 subscribers and 7.1 million video views. However, Noir may have a long road to travel in encouraging blacks and minorities to own firearms as a Pew Poll in January pointed out that blacks preferred restricting gun ownership as opposed to supporting gun rights 66 percent to 24 percent.

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