Soulja Boy’s YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Accounts Hacked

Hackers are having a field day messing with celebrities. Last week, an outfit of the group “Anonymous” opened up a can of worms when it revealed the personal financial information of celebrities ranging from Jay-Z to Kim Kardashian.

Now one-hit wonder rapper Soulja Boy is the latest celebrity hacking victim. He claims that a rival rapper not only hacked his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, but has pretty much wiped out his YouTube channel.

He tweeted:


Soulja Boy added that the hack “is only going to make me go harder” on the haters and then proceeded to tweet a photo of himself stepping out of his sports car with the caption “Why they hating on me?”



The rapper, known for his hit single “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy),” later blamed a Twitter user named @Official_Sleepy for instigating the hack and posted his supposed phone number which was later deleted. Official_Sleepy blamed the hack on someone named King Dave, but Soulja Boy wasn’t convinced.

Soulja Boy tweeted: “I fuks wit @kingdavesodmg now. Fuk nigga @official_sleepy thought he had me fooled fuk nigga I saw yo ip on ma shit bro, fuk nigha tryyna blame niggas Man up brah!

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