‘Oreo Cookie Separators’ Are Internet’s New Fixation [VIDEOS]



Like the beauty that is the Oreo cookie itself, I have sandwiched some gooey, creamy text in between two crunchy videos. I’ll leave it to you to determine which you prefer.

The hot new innovation that is preoccupying designers’ headspaces (now that the private-sector Dragon space shuttle has successfully launched) is a cookie. Specifically, the Oreo with its apparently polarizing combination of cookie and cream. I love it “as is,” but some men just want to watch the world burn.

Less than a week apart, the internet has seen two viral videos dealing with people building robots to mechanically separate cookie from cream. Apparently saying “fuck you” to the “butter knife method” allegedly pioneered by Adolf Hitler, designers on opposite sides of the country took to their labs to figure out the most absolutely “Rube Goldberg way” to disassemble the perfect cookie. The Oreo channel is responsible for all this madcappery, so expect more of these videos. I bet the fat cats at Nabisco are currently rubbing their hands together and saying “Feed … feed on our content, you fools. And tell your friends to film their own Oreo Separator videos with plenty of our new “Triple Stuffed” Oreos to test them (evil laugh).”

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