Pinterest Rolls Out New Features, Makes Itself More Addictive Than Crack

I am not proud to admit this, but like so many great people before me, I, Carly Moriarty Lanning am addicted to Pinterest. It started off innocently enough: a few minutes browsing in between classes, a couple pins before bed, but soon I found myself losing months of my life exploring this wonderland of images. And when I heard the news of Pinterest’s new redesign, I knew I was in trouble. Don’t worry, I’m seeking help.


Pinterest originally began testing its redesign this past January and is now moving forward to make their latest features available to all users. Each feature will make it easier for users to explore dozens of images in a shorter amount of time. Pinterest’s homepage will now be displaying larger photos coupled with a description of the pin and the number of likes and repins — a convenient tool for those using Pinterest for their business or publication. Pinterest has also added “Categories” to the top of its screen to organize the site by it’s most searched subjects. And to round it all off, when a users click on a pin the screen will also display photos of similar images and boards.

These new features will keep Pinterest competitive amongst the many redesigns happening across the digital space such as YouTube’s new One Channel layout and the revamp of Facebook’s news feed. In a battle to capture and maintain the short attention span of internet users, Pinterest’s new features will make it easier for users to explore the site and lose track of the time they are spending online.

You win again, Pinterest, you win again.

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