Playstation 4 Teaser Dominates YouTube’s February Ads Leadboard

YouTube has released its Ads Leaderboard for February, and Super Bowl car ads and technology dominated the charts. These are the top 10 “ads people chose” — those commercials people were willing to watch for 30 seconds or more.

Last month, viewers were eagerly anticipating what the Playstation 4 would be like, which propelled the teaser for the console to the top spot. The ad garnered 26,296,340 views. Rounding up the top 10 are ads for Samsung, Chevy, Jeep, Ram Trucks, Pepsi and Oreo cookies.

Despite the insane hype surrounding “Harlem Shake” in February, Pepsi was the only company that had an ad on the top 10 taking advantage of the viral meme. Their rendition featuring Jeff Gordon was number 5 on the charts.

The 10 most popular ads from February 2013 on YouTube are as follows:

10. OREO “Whisper Fight”

9. Pepsi Next #CokeChase

8. Chevy “Find New Roads” 60 second ad

7. OREO “Separator Machine #1”

6. Chevy “Find New Roads” 90 second ad

5. Jeff Gordon’s “Harlem Shake”

4. Jeep “Whole Again”

3. Ram Trucks “Farmer”

2. Samsung Mobile’s “The Next Big Thing”

1. Playstation 4

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