‘Put That Cookie Down. Now!’: Top 10 Most Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger YouTube Videos Ever

With well over 100 thousand hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single day, it can be hard for mere mortals like yourself to properly wade through and consume all that the web video giant has to offer. As the newly self-appointed purveyor and connoisseur of web videos here at NMR, I feel it is my mission to take you all on fantastical journeys through the deep, dark chasms of the YouTubes, much like an overpaid art curator with a bullshit degree in liberal arts from some no-name school somewhere in rural Rhode Island. I make it my personal duty to provide you all with videos that not only entice and entertain your visual and auditory senses, but to do so in fun and creative ways that keep you on our pages longer to reduce our bounce rate and increase ad revenue.


Today’s list, er, I mean, curated and ranked archive of video content, consists of something very near and dear to my heart: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The once muscle-clad action movie star turned political strongman is best known for roles like:

  • Detective John Kimble in “Kindergarden Cop”
  • Conan in “Conan The Barbarian”
  • T-800 in “The Terminator”
  • Mr. Freeze in “Batman and Robin”
  • Jack Slater in “Last Action Hero”
  • Himself in “Governor of California” (arguably his best and most convincing role to date)

With such an extensive catalogue of movie roles, each so deeply ingrained into our culture and subconscious, it’s hard to imagine a world without Mr. Schwarzenegger in it. So without further ado, I present to thee, on this day, March Twelfth in the year of our Lord (Satan) Two Thousand and Thirteen:

The best compilation of Arnold Schwarzenegger videos ever compiled, ranked in order of awesomeness (because our editor says you guys hate things without numbers in front of them). For serious. Click below to watch.


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