Redditor ‘Book of Adam’ Inks a Living With ‘To Sketch A Redditor’ Drawings

Trend alert!

There has been a real push for outside-the-box creativity in this downturn economy — I guess we all have to pay our student loans back somehow (worthless ass knowledge costing me a lot of money). Meet Book of Adam — a Redditor with the skill of drawing (“drawring” if you’re British) people decently. Of course, sometimes the skill to draw people decently is all you need to be great (ask Al Hirschfeld).

Book of Adam, or Adam Ellis as his parents know him, is a Portland, Oregon creative now living the bohemian life in New York City and making his living by sketching caricatures of Redditors. Of course, for the right price he can also sketch you … and maybe your cat.

Because it is funny and popular, we’ve decided you should know about it. And because we’re a little bit snobby, we feel that since we feel you should know about it, YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT!

So here is a gallery of various images from the Book of Adam. Peruse, visit his store and order lots of his so-called Derpy Portraits (or “To Sketch A Redditor”). Also, you should probably hurry because it looks like this is “becoming a thing.”