UPDATED: Ryan Higa Loses 100,000,000+ Views From His Nigahiga Channel in Latest Round of YouTube Purging

[UPDATE 3/15/13]: MysteryGuitarMan tweeted that he’s lost around 10 million views from his main channel:


YouTube is at it again. In a surprising tweet a couple of hours ago from the creator and star of YouTube’s No. 4 most-subscribed and No. 33 most-viewed channel Ryan Higa, he cavalierly revealed that YouTube has scrubbed over 100 million views from his popular Nigahiga channel.

He writes in the tweet, “Just lost a 100,000,000+ views on yt lol,” and then clarifies in another tweet directly afterward, “No its not a hack, apparently yt is deleting views from privated videos (i think)… and I have a lot of those due to copyrighted music.”


To be more exact, Higa’s Nigahiga is estimated to have lost around 102,659,839 views within the last seven days according to YouTube analytics site Vidstatsx. That gives Higa’s channel the distinction of having the most views lost of all of the independent creator channels in the top 100 most viewed channels. Out of that list of the top 100 most viewed channels, the highest view count losses were mostly incurred by major media channels, with the CBS YouTube channel losing the most (-421,562,527), followed by the Viso Trailers channel (379,888,112) and then at third in most lost views, Indian movie channel Rajshri (-313,415,315).

The last major purging by YouTube was in late December when the online video giant pulled more than 2 billion views from YouTube channels run by Sony/BMG, Universal Music Group and RCA Records, because of those videos’ alleged benefitting from automated traffic.

In an official Creators and Partners Blog post titled “What’s Happening With View Counts?” at the end of December, a month before Lady Gaga’s channel was stripped of over 176 million views and 11 million views taken from PSY’s channel, YouTube wrote:

We recently changed how we display total views on a channel. In the past, we’d count all the views of all your videos, even for videos that you may have deleted or made private. To make this less confusing to viewers, we’re transitioning to only displaying the total views of videos that are publicly available on the channel. So if you’ve deleted videos or made them private or unlisted, those views have been (or soon will be) removed from your channel total.”

YouTube’s latest round of purging seems to “only” be affecting channels’ view counts — not like when they killed some channels’ subscriber numbers last May — so Ryan Higa thus far taking the loss as a laughing matter may be apropos.

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