‘Said to Lady Journos’ Tumblr Shares Female Journalists’ Experiences With Sexism


Sexism in the workplace is a topic as old as time. We like to believe that we have evolved past it — along with it’s comrades racism and bigotry — but even into the 21st century we can’t seem to fully escape them.


One of the most recent and talked about Tumblrs, “Said to Lady Journos,” is being drawn into the fight as a crusader for women’s issues written from within the journalism community. The Tumblr was created by a West Coast magazine reporter as a way to share her experiences on the job. It was during one assignment in particular that she felt spurred to create the Tumblr after a male labor representative shared with the creator, “You’re pretty smart for a young lady.” Started only four week ago, the Tumblr has already grown to include pages and pages of anecdotes from female journalists being hit on and talked down to in interviews, and their experiences with being unrecognized for their skills in the field. Looking through comment after comment, we have to wonder, has the fight against sexism brought us that far?


Recent studies conducted by the Institute of Women’s Policy Research showed that women get paid 77 cents on the dollar for every dollar earned by their male co-workers resulting in $10 thousand difference per year. Along with stereotyping within the workplace, women are also at a much higher risk for sexual harassment by male coworkers: last year, 83 percent of harassment cases filed were brought by a woman against a man. Not looking good so far, my friends.

But Tumblrs such as “Lady Journos Say” are giving women the space to both support one another as well as build awareness around these issues that might be laughed off by others. Some might say it’s a small step taken in a big issue, but thank you, “Said to Lady Journos,” for taking that step at all.