‘Sesame Street’ YouTube Channel Joins The One Billion Views Club

The beloved children’s program “Sesame Street” has joined one of the most exclusive groups on YouTube — the billion plus views club.

Its channel reached the one billion mark today and celebrated the milestone as promised with a video featuring the Count counting the ways that people watch “Sesame Street” on YouTube.

Last month, “Sesame Street” pushed its fans to get the channel at the one billion mark by releasing a video featuring one of its furry stars, “Telly,” as he tries to unlock the “secret video.” He told fans that the “secret video” can be unlocked if the YouTube channel gets one billion views.

Since launching its YouTube channel back in 2006, “Sesame Street” has made its fun and entertaining approach to educating youngsters accessible anytime, anywhere. Many of its videos have reached more than a million views and its most popular video, “Elmo’s Song,” has more than 86 million views and counting.

In great “Sesame Street” fashion, they have brought in celebrities like Bruno Mars, Destiny’s Child and Emma Stone to help the puppets teach things like counting, sharing and not giving up. Parodies of pop culture icons like Carly Rae Jepsen in their video “Share It Maybe” and “Downton Abbey” in “Upside Downton Abbey” have also gone viral on the “Sesame Street” YouTube channel.

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