ShayCarl and Wife Katilette Announce New Baby to Their Kids [VIDEO]

Shay Carl and his wife Katilette used their latest Shaytards vlog post Sunday to tell their kids that they are expecting their fifth child.

The YouTube vlogger had already announced at Playlist Live over the weekend that they are having another baby.

Their kids asked questions ranging from how they found out about the baby to what would happen to their lives now that they will have another sibling.

This isn’t the first time they filmed a pregnancy for their YouTube viewers: During 2010, Shay Carl documented his wife giving birth to their fourth child, Brock Vincent. That video posted more than 2 million views.

Shay Carl announced earlier this month that after more than 1,500 uploads, this year would be “the last year of the daily vlogs” on his Shaytards channel. Even though Shaytards won’t be a seven-day operation next year, fans can still expect him to upload up to five times a week.

Congratulations to Shay and Katilette on expecting their next child, and watch them talk to their kids about their soon-to-be sibling in the video above.

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