Shaycarl Announces Last Year Of Daily Shaytard Uploads [VIDEO]


Big news in the world of Shaycarl and the Shaytards dropped recently as the veteran vlogger announced that this year, his fifth of vlogging, would be the last year of the daily upload.

The announcement came two days ago in a Shaytards upload which celebrated Shaycarl’s 33rd birthday as well as the fifth anniversary of the daily vlog. “This year, this is day one of year five, the fifteen hundredth Shaytard video on my channel. This is going to be the last year of the daily vlogs,” Shay explains in the upload.


It’s a definite bummer, but as he explains in the video, it could have ended sooner.
“We were going to stop [daily vlogs] at year four.”

However, with the impending documentary “I’m Vlogging Here,” starring Shay, in production, the vlogger has decided to maintain the daily upload format to chronicle the film’s journey.



Fear not though, the Shaytards aren’t calling it quits after this fifth year. Shay goes on to explain in the video, “I don’t mean that the Shaytards are going to end after this next year. What we’ll probably do, a three day a week schedule, or like a five day a week schedule.”

Congrats to Shay and the Shaytards on the successful years of vlogging and being genuinely rad people.

If it’s your first time hearing about this mysterious Shaycarl I speak of, you can get all caught up on the vlogger here.

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