Simon Cowell Launches YouTube Channel in Search of New Talent

Simon Cowell’s company, Syco Entertainment, announced today that it has teamed up with YouTube to launch a global channel that will give aspiring stars the chance to upload audition videos for a shot at fame and cash prizes. The global audition YouTube channel is called “The You Generation” and will be launched in 26 countries this Wednesday, March 20th. This channel is said to be inspired by the internet success of One Direction and Susan Boyle.

In a video interview released via the channel today, Cowell says he is launching the YouTube channel because he “wanted to devise a way that is easier for you to get noticed. It’s a simple idea — you upload your videos — it goes way beyond beyond singers or dancers, or the kind of stuff we’ve done before. And all of the resources I have here, or we have at Sony are all behind it, so if you’re good, you’re going to get noticed, and you’re going to get discovered”.

When asked why it was such an important platform for him, Cowell replies:

“Well it’s the biggest TV channel now in the world. The problem is that there is just so many videos being uploaded. Part of the reasons we’ve come up with our own idea is you are definitely going to be seen on this.”

Since Cowell’s background is mainly in music, he says that he now has A&R people whose job is to purely search for new talents via YouTube. He also notes that YouTube has changed the music industry exponentially, and finding talents compared to years ago is now very different.

“The systems changed — now we have people looking at YouTube all the time. It’s a fantastic vehicle. It’s changed everything; it’s literally changed the music business for the good.”

Cowell also talked briefly about the internet success of One Direction and how he noticed that their U.K. following was sharing their music all over the world online. He notes that “a lot of people who go on YouTube, they kind of want to be star-makers, as well as stars. This is democracy at its best. [There] is no filters, there is nobody saying ‘You can’t go on it.’ If you’re good and you’ve got a talent, the fans are going to make you the star, and I like that idea.”

You can see the rest of the video below for more information about Cowell’s new channel.

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