SMOSH Gaming Channel Turns 6 Months Old: Exclusive Gamer Nation Preview Inside [VIDEO]


If SMOSH’s gaming channel were a kid, it would be learning to crawl about now.

SMOSH Games just turned 6 months old — and if you are a YouTube creator in doubt about having a gaming channel, let SMOSH reassure you — their gaming channel alone is in the top 100 of subscribed channels at slot #91. Yeah, after only six months, more people would rather tune in to see people make comments while playing video games, than they would to watch  dynamic new videos by Kingsley, SeaNanners, Bad Lip Reading or Pitbull’s VEVO. This isn’t even Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla playing video games — this is people they have recruited from other channels to play games! Damn, internet, you crazy!

One of those hired players, who goes by the nom de guerre “Lasercorn,” is obviously excited about the milestone, as he gets to play video games at home while schnooks like me have to secretly get drunk on jailhouse wine I make in a work toilet. “Our success is definitely due to an extremely talented team at SMOSH Games and our amazing fans who keep us going,” said Lasercorn. “I’m glad I ignored all those people who told me video games were a waste of time.”

Of course, Alloy Digital, SMOSH’s home base isn’t disappointed either:

”We promised our audience dynamic programming around gaming -served up Smosh style -and the metrics prove we’ve succeeded,” commented Michael Palmer, SVP, Alloy Digital. “The record growth of our channel is testament to our team’s 24-7 dedication for delivering fresh content daily and the extreme enthusiasm they share with our gaming obsessed audience. It also speaks volumes to the promotional power of Alloy Digital, that helped SMOSH Games instantly propel up the ranks by leveraging its connection to its audience across its other owned YouTube channels, websites, and social platforms.”

Isn’t it funny how the guy who went to school and applied himself and didn’t play video games is the one who realized he’s wasting his life? And because we like you, check out this exclusive preview for the next episode of Gamer Nation on SMOSH Games:



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